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Combination Classes Ballet/Tap - 1
Ages 2 -3
This program includes ballet and tap for beginner students taught in a nurturing environment making the introduction to dance fun. It provides the young dancer a strong foundation in dance movement, as well as learning the basic elements of dance. For example, hopping, skipping, jumping, musical rhythm, simplified ballet and tap steps, exercise and coordination skills. Students will also learn intellectual concepts of self awareness, creative expression, teamwork and self confidence.
Combination Classes Ballet/Tap - 2
AGES 4-6
This class is an extension to Ballet/Tap 1 with much more steps to learn and advancement in technique.
Combination Classes Ballet/Tap - 3
AGES 7-9
Students are further challenged with new steps, combinations and choreography as well as ballet and tap terminology.

Ages 9 and Up
A classical form of dance that provides a strong, foundation for all other dance forms. Ballet classes consist of barre, center floor, progressions across the floor and technique.



Latin Dance - ages 6 & Up 

Class combines different latin dances such as Salsa, Bachata, Meringue etc

Ages 5 and Up -JAZZ
A fun, upbeat style of dance that stems from ballet and combines today’s stylish moves with energetic, popular music. Classes begin with a warm up, followed by technique, across the floor combinations and choreography.
Ages 5 & Up 
A highly technical style of dance that fuses ballet and jazz to interpret the meaning of the lyrics. Choreography is often emotional and delicate at the same time telling a story emphasizing on expression, fluid body movement and control. 

Ages 10 and Up 
This form of dance is characterized by its versatility, contemporary can be danced to almost any style of music or united with other dance forms to create new styles of movement. Contemporary dance allows the advanced dancer to push to new boundaries of body movement.

Age depends on skill level and rate of progress
For the experienced ballet student, pointe is the advancement of ballet class. Pointe class must is by teacher recommendation and accompany awith a regular ballet class.

Ages 10 and Up
This class is an exciting and challenging art form that creates sound, rhythm and syncopation with your feet. Different styles of tap will be taught while concentrating on clear, crisp and clean sounds.

Hip Hop/ Hip Tots 

Ages 3-5 Hip Tots 

Fun filled energetic Hip Hop class with age appropriate moves and music. 

Ages 7 & Up Hip Hop
High energy freestyle dance form that has become one of the most popular class .   Hip hop combines freestyle, breakdancing and intricate footwork.

Hip Hop/Acrobatic 
Ages 5 to 9
High energy freestyle dance combining acrobatic tricks and footwork to form a fun, cool class.
Ages 6 to Teen
Similar to the floor skills of gymnastics.  Acrobatic's is a high energy performing art that focuses on strength, conditioning, stretch and balance. Beginner to advanced tricks.
Tiny Tumblers
Ages 2 - 4
Basic gymnastic skills, strength and coordination, your child will love this class where they will learn floor tricks such as cartwheels, somersaults, bridges etc. They will also work on the balance beam, mini-trampoline and skill mats.  Great class for energetic little ones!!


Theatrical performance class that combines broadway style dance and acting.  This class is great for the budding broadway star or for school plays and auditions. 

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