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Tuition & Fees

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Season 2021-2022 Tuition Rates

1 class per week —     $65 per month        
2 classes per week — $105 per month
3 classes per week — $135 per month
4 classes per week — $160 per month
5 classes per week — $185 per month
6 classes per week — $210 per month
7 classes per week — $235 per month
8 classes per week — $260 per month

Private & Semi Private Instruction - 1/2 hour
Private Class = $95.00 per month
Semi/Trio Private Class = $65 per month each student
Note: Private/Semi/Trio Private must be enrolled in a regular class as well.

Tuition Policies
Class Fees are due the 1st of the month. We offer a grace period up until the 10th of the month. If you make your payment after the 10th of the month a $30.00 late fee per month will be applied starting from the 11th of the month. NO EXCEPTIONS Tuition is a flat fee you must still pay full tuition if your child is absent due to illness or vacations.
Hip hop dance classes

Classes are 1 hour and Private/ Semi/Trio lessons are a half hour.

Program Session
Our program runs consecutively from September through June. Students will be automatically enrolled each month unless we receive notification of withdrawal.  Parents will be responsible for full payment for the month you withdrawal from.

JSD is the only dance studio who offers multiple and sibling class discounts.

Registration Fee -2021-2022 Season
$45.00 yearly fee

Method of Payment
We accept Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card and Discover.

Returned Check
NSF check service charge is $40.00 and must be paid in cash within three days of notification.



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